A couple months ago I started using a nice little program on my blog called Apture.  You may have noticed, that when you click on some of the links on the various posts, rather than being sent to a different page a small window opens up, that has more info on the specific topic.  That is Apture!

Today, while in the midst of getting some tech support, they asked if we’d want to run a beta of Apture 2.0, and so we are!

The most immediate change you’ll notice on the site is the box down in the lower left hand corner of the page.  Say you read something on the blog, and aren’t exactly sure what I’m talking about…For example, if I mentioned the most famous person from my home town of Brocton, NY is George Pullman.  If you wanted to learn more about Brocton, or George Pullman, you could type either in that box, click look up, & a bunch of possible links are there for you to check!  Or, you can simply highlight the word, and you’ll immediately see a couple ways to use this feature.

So, please let me know what you think of Apture 2.0.  Is it helpful?  Not helpful?  Easy to use?  Your thoughts are appreciated!