Yesterday Liz left to drive M to dance camp around 9:45 am. I had been on a walk and arrived home around 10:20. I received a text from Liz shortly after saying she was at the store and asking if I needed anything. Soon after I realised I hadn’t seen the dog since I arrived home. I went looking for her and couldn’t find her. And she is too big to hide anywhere.

First thought. Liz and M took the dog with them, and now the dog is in the car while Liz is in the store. That would be bad…especially with our current heatwave. But Liz hadn’t taken the dog.

I did another run through the house. No dog.

I glanced out the window and noticed a neighbour approaching our door, holding Jet by the collar. She said the dog arrived 10 minutes ago, which would be about the time I came home.

Now the dog will dart out the door if she has a chance. But I would have to be pretty zoned out to not notice. I checked the security camera…no dog.

I figured I would never solve the mystery.

So, the same scenario today. But when I got home, I went straight up to the room where the dog likes to sleep, and she wasn’t there.
But as I turned to leave, I noticed the window. It was cracked open, and the blinds…well, see for yourself.

I went outside, and as I approached the end of the street, there she was. Usually, she’ll run away from us…but she was out of breath and came right to me.

If you remember, when we got the dog, she had been hit by a car. The surgery to repair her leg caused damage to a joint in her leg. So, she often limps.

But the window she jumped out of?

You can see the broken blinds in the window…and although the first floor (second floor for those of you in the States) isn’t that high, I wouldn’t want to do it. It seems her leg is getting better.

And thankfully, I’m not losing my mind.