Yesterday I wrote that my favorite Christmas movie was A Christmas Story.  Staying with that theme, I was trying to think of my favorite Christmas present from when I was a kid.  The best I could do was narrow it down to two presents…and actually both were presents that I shared with my brother Jeff.

One of my favorite presents as a kid was our Atari!  And the favorite game for the Atari was Kaboom.

The other favorite present was Linus.  Linus was a mutt.  He was poorly behaved.  He once ate all of the Christmas fudge, and while my mom was scolding my brother & I trying to figure out which of us ate it, Linus walked into the living room where the whole family was gathered for Christmas eve and proceeded to throw up fudge everywhere…good times.  We got Linus in 1974 & despite having epilepsy, surgery for an ulcer on his eye, other assorted medical issues, and being run over in his own driveway, he made it until 1990.

Do you have an all-time favorite present?