Like most people I know, I own one.  I am trying to wear it less however.

Thumb UpWhen we got to the conference, we registered and got our materials, and one thing we got was a welcome letter telling us what to expect.  The last paragraph of the letter contained this sentence, “So relax, enjoy the fresh Gulf seafood, take off your critics hat and open yourself up to the Spirit.  If you do, I am certain you will go away from ths place saying, ‘it was good to spend this time together with family.'”

Since we talked about  gratitude and thankfulness this past Sunday @ the Ithaca Vineyard, that really hit me.  Just how for most of us, our natural tendency is to look for what’s wrong…what should have been done better…what was forgotten.  And when we’re there, we tend to miss out on a ton of good stuff.  We forget to be grateful for what we are experiencing, rather than what we’re not.

While I love feedback…criticism can really suck the life out of everything.

So, I’m leaving off my critic’s hat this week…And when it ends up back on my head, I’m going to see if I can start taking it off more regularly.