Last summer I took my American Express rewards points & traded them in for an iPod Touch.  I had used various versions of Palm before & was generally pretty frustrated.  I was hoping to get an iPhone once my current mobile phone agreement expired, but I didn’t want to take the step unless  I knew it was actually going to be a helpful tool.  Although I do love cool gadgets, I also like being financially responsible.

IMG_0585But, I got my iPod Touch & I was hooked.  I actually found that it made me more productive.  This past Fall I got an iPhone 3G & it has been a really helpful tool for me.  So I thought I’d do a quick list of my top five favorite iPhone apps.  (and based on what I wrote earlier this week, the mail app is no longer in my top 5).

So, here, in no specific order is my top 5.

1. Tweetie: As our church grows, I’m finding social media to be a great way to connect with more people in our church on a regular basis.  I’ve expeirmented with a number of Twittter iPhone apps & this was my favorite.

2. NetNewsWire: I’ve used NetNewsWire as my rss reader for a couple of years now, and the iPhone app keeps everything synced between my laptop and my phone.

3. At Bat 2009: Okay, this doesn’t make me all that productive, but it does allow me to listen to the Red Sox on the radio whenever I am travelling & at $10 for the whole season, that seemed like a bargain.

4. AroundMe: This app determines your location via the iPhone’s built in GPS and then locates various stores, restaurants, etc., tells you how far away you are, & routes your trip via google maps.  (the main thing i use this for is finding coffee)

5. Amazon Kindle: I nearly listed the app because it is an amazingly simply way to quickly order books, etc, from my favorite store.  But now that I have own Kindle (told you I was a gadget junkie), this app is a great way for me to do some reading while I’m waiting for an appointment and I don’t have another book with me.

So, those are my favorites, do you have a favorite app?