If you’ve been around the Ithaca Vineyard much at all, one thing you’ve realized pretty quickly is we like coffee…& not your normal “big-silver-church-urn-overcooked-coffee…”  We’re talking good coffee.

When the Ithaca Vineyard first started, we were given $5,000 (1/2 from our sending church, & 1/2 from the national Vineyard HQ). While we put some into advertising & renting a space, our first 3 major purchases were:

  1. A refurbished Apple PowerBook
  2. A lapel mic (I hate handhelds)
  3. A Bunn Coffee Maker w/ air pots

(weird side note, the PowerBook died when coffee was spilt on it…long story)

Since the start of our church, we have served Gimme! Coffee Well, we found out last week that the blend we’ve served for the past couple of years is being discontinued.  So, what we want to do is get your input…what type Gimme! Coffee should we start serving on Sunday mornings?

Here’s what you do.

  1. Go to the Gimme! Coffee Website,
  2. look at the various blends,
  3. List your pick in the comment section below.

We’ll take the most popular, & start serving it for the next month.  If the response is good, we’ll keep it as our regular Sunday Blend.  (for obvious reasons, we are weighing the votes from people who actually attend the Vineyard more heavily)

One, we’ll also start serving a second blend.  So if the winner is a dark roast, we’ll add a second lighter roast…& vice versa.

So let us know your thoughts, & we’ll let you know the winner on Friday!

edit: quick note, comments posted on facebook & twitter, won’t be registered…they’ll need to be put in the comment section below.