roast_med_darkEarlier in the week we asked people to vote for their choice of coffee to replace the blend we have been serving, Platinum Blonde, and the people’s choice for the new Gimme! Coffee blend is …drum roll please…Piccolo Mondo.  We are not sure if was the flavor or the fact that it is organic & fair trade, but for now, this will be our new main blend on Sundays!

Speaking of coffee, over the past couple of months, Natalie Sawyer & James Cherian have done a great job of recruiting and trainging new people to work in the cafe.  So we are now at a point where we can add a second blend on Sundays, and since Mocha Java was second in the voting, we’ll start serving it as well.

One last note, since we’ve already had to get coffee for this week, we’ll start serving Piccolo & Mocha Java in January…I think my last pot of the day just finished brewing!