Now, the chances are you are looking at this site & everything looks perfectly normal.  However, there is the possibility that you’ve stopped by and things look, well, a bit chaotic.

I am in the process of changing the theme on my blog.  While Ivan Daykov did a great job of creating the blog theme we’ve been using, and making it match the rest of the Ithaca Vineyard’s web site, it is time move on.

The new theme has a number of additional features that should make the site much more user friendly.  In addition, we will hopefully have a number of other blog related news in the next few week.

The problem is, I need to activate the new theme to work on it…& as you can tell if you’ve sen it…it isn’t ready yet.

So, if you showed up here and wondered why everything looks, well, really bad…we’re working on it!

While we’re in the process of updating, any things you’d like to make sure we add?