It seems the month of September has been filled in on our calendar since May. Lots of important stuff going on. Wanted to take a few minutes to share some of the highlights from the past month before we move too far into October.

My 9 Favourite Pictures From September:

(and yes, the pictures are a bit Méabh-centric)

1. Méabh’s first day of school 


Although the first few days were a bit teary, by day four she was telling us how much she loved school. It has been a great experience for her so far!

2. Sunset over Dublin Bay


It is a rare day when I walk along the bay and don’t stop to take pictures. Yet, the images never really match up to seeing it in person.

I took this image while I was jogging on the Promenade one night.

3. Erin & Méabh at Fairview Park


Rarely do I have the opportunity to actually get a picture of one of the older girls where they don’t have their hand blocking their face.

4. The Clock Tower at St. Anne’s Park


St. Anne’s, which was formerly the Guinness estate is one of our favourite places to visit…especially since it is just a short walk from our house. And although there is still a lot of green here in autumn, the red ivy on the tower, is beautiful.

5. Bathing Facilities – Dollymount Strand


Sometimes I walk around Clontarf and wonder if there was a special on cement decades ago.

6 & 7. Sunset over Dublin, Moonrise over Howth.


Liz, Méabh and I walked to Dollymount Strand one night. One of these views was right in front of us, the other was behind.

8. & 9. More Méabh


Two weeks ago we went to a “Family Fun Day” on the Clontarf Promenade. Méabh got her face painted. The following weekend we spent sometime at the playground at St. Anne’s before heading to an Artisan’s Food Faire, where someone decided they wanted an ice cream.

And in case you are wondering, while we do question Méabh’s clothing choices, it does make easier to spot her on the playground.

A couple other highlights from September.

1) Our oldest daughter Hannah turned 20.

When people learn that we have a 20-year-old, the common response is: “you must have had her young.” Which seems nice, but then we realise, they think we were teenagers, had a kid & got married. So, in case you were wondering, Liz and I were married when I was 24, and had Hannah when I was 28…(I’m too smart to reveal my wife’s age though:)

2) Seek began

We have had two meeting at Grainger’s Pub so far and it has been off to a good start.

Last night we had an interesting experience. We left from our house shortly after 7 and the traffic was worse than we’d seen in a long time. While driving, we received texts from two people who were stuck in traffic in other parts of Dublin. It turns out there was a truck fire on the M-50, (the highway around the city). They police closed the M-50, and the ban on lorries (semis) going through the city was lifted. Much of the city was moving at a crawl for hours. The person who is leading the course with me, eventually turned around and went home recognising he would arrive shortly before the meeting would end.

I led a church in Ithaca for 13 years, and never needed to cancel or delay for snow. The second thing we do in Dublin is delayed for traffic. Crazy.

September was a good month. And the weather was incredible.

Thanks for checking this out.