I’ve taken a bit of a break from blogging lately…partly because I haven’t had a ton of spare time…the past couple weeks have been pretty exhausting.

Some of you are aware of the rash of weird stuff that we’ve experienced over the past few months…things breaking, getting lost…kids getting injured, or even attacked.  Well, our two weeks in Florida were a great time of rest & relaxation…but now we’re back in the midst of life.

Two weeks ago, our transmission went.  Things worked out really well, we got a great vehicle…although the process of actually obtaining the van was a bit long & windy.  We’ve go it now.  (did I mention that the check engine light came on today:-)

Then on Saturday we were watching tv with the kids & at the end of the show, I noticed that it was getting a bit chilly.  Since Saturday, we’ve had 3 people in to give estimates on replacing a dead furnace.

Oh, yeah, you might remember that we are actually trying to obtain a building permit so that we can work on our new place…that story has definitely evolved over the past few months…when we fill people in on all that has happend with this project, we commonly hear, “no way, that didn’t really happen, did it?”

A friend of mine was telling me about all of the weird stuff they went through when their church was trying to get a building.  Almost like there’s someone than doesn’t want the church to move forward.  Hmm. Any prayers you feel like making would be greatly appreciated.