This Sunday @ the Vineyard is going to be a bit different. This summer we are placing a big emphasis on serving our church and serving our community. We are kicking things off this weekend with a day of service.

Here’s what we’ll be doing…

At 9:15 am, we’ll be meeting in the café for pancake breakfast. Following breakfast, we’ll head in for about 25 minutes of worship.

After worship we are heading out into the community to serve.  We currently have 5 different opportunities where people can serve.  You can sign up on Sunday, or contact the church office. Here they are:

Coffee Give-Away
This is one of our most common Servant Evangelism events.  We’ll head downtown and serve really good (Gimme!) coffee to anyone who’d like a cup.

Healing on the Streets (need to go through training)
This will be our second time having Healing on the Streets. Basically, we go down to the commons and offer to pray healing for anyone  who would like prayer.

Clean Up
Our neighborhood is a bit messy.  We’re going to spend some time picking up trash and making things look nicer. There is also a creek behind our building, near some of the apartment buildings. We’ve got equipment & trash bags, but a couple extra rakes might be good.  And if you are wanting to take part in this event…we’d suggest clothes you don’t mind getting very dirty!

Door Hangers
We have 3 large apartment complexes surrounding our building. We are hosting picnic for them on June 5 after service. The door hangers will invite people to this event as well as a new Vineyard Kids curriculum that is starting that same Sunday.

Vineyard Kids (need to be cleared to work with children)
While we are hoping that most of the parents will have their kids serving with them, we will provide child care from 10 am to 11:30 am.

Clearly something this different lends itself to a great deal of confusion…but it is going to be great!  If you have any questions, please post them in the comments section and we’ll answer them asap.