Malin Head is a two-hour drive from where we are staying in Donegal, but I have wanted to visit for a while. So, we get to the top of the hill, looking for a place to park, and people start waving at us. There was a thought that perhaps they were signaling that we could have their parking spot. Nope. They were telling us that we had a flat tyre (tire for our American friends). So, there are no spots, we are on the side of a hill and we have a flat.

A few people offered to help…one guy because we were blocking him, but he was very patient.
One family saw me, thought, “oh that poor man”, then saw Liz and realised, “I know her”. She is a teacher in one of the schools where Liz used to teach. They gave us their phone number and said we could call if we had any complications.

So, we didn’t make it to the tip of Malin Head, because wanted to make sure we got to the tyre centre before closing. Which we did.

Now we need to find a spot where we can perform a tick search.

M’s comment on the day…”I knew today was going to be a Wilson adventure”.

A few photo of the trip are below.

How is your day going?