While we are still hoping to be into the new space by October 4th (which will require a lot of extra labor over the next 3 weeks), we do have an extra incentive to get things moving.

Yesterday we found out from the school that starting on September 20th, we will be unable to hold a second service. In fact, we’ll need to have all of our stuff cleared out of the gym by 11:30 am…which means that we can’t even switch to a later time.

Now, in all fairness to our current landlord, they have been very helpful over these past few years in being flexible with our schedule. They were going with the assumption that we would have been into our new space months ago, and made their plans accordingly. So they have been great!

However, that does mean we can hold a 9:15 am service each Sunday until we move into the new place. Which leaves us with two options.

1) We fit everyone into the gym for one service. It ends up being a little fuller than we’d like, but it is only for a few weeks.

2) We hold a Saturday evening service until we are into the new space.

We’d love to get some feedback from you as to what you think. One thing though, if your suggestion is, do a Saturday night service, let us know if you’d be willing to attend and or help out with running it.

We’ll keep you up to date on how this is going, but wanted to give you plenty of notice…

Remember though…this Sunday we will still have 2 services!