This morning as I was walking back from my morning trip to Starbucks, I was praying & two thoughts came to mind:

1) I don’t think this is the right place (meaning the place we are trying to rent.)

2) I think the landlord is waiting for a better offer.

When I got back, I checked my email, and there was a note from the landlord saying that: she will not be able to let us in as soon as she had said earlier; she had other tenants willing to pay full price, and perhaps we should keep looking.

In talking to Liz, her sense has also been, “this isn’t the right place.” It’s weird because in so many ways it makes sense…and there still aren’t any other 4 bedroom options in Clontarf. So this afternoon we are looking at a place in Raheny, and tonight, another in Fairview. (Both places are in Dublin, and border Clontarf.)

Again, the big issue for us is that when I arrive back on the 14th, I will have Hannah and Erin with me, and we don’t really have a place for all of us to stay. Well, that and the fact that the stuff we shipped over in early July is needing to be delivered soon & it would be great to have a place for them to deliver it. So if we could wrap something up in the next few days, that’d be great.

While you’re praying for that, please pray for finances @ Trinity…turns out a form did not get sent to the person who needed it when they needed it & things are a bit up in the air at this point.