Our summer kinship group semester is starting up next week!

While we recognize that summer is a time when a lot of people travel, and are out of town frequently, we encourage you to sign up up and get as involved as you can. Over the summer we have 4 groups up and running (1 on Tuesday, 2 on Thursday & even 1 on Saturday)

The groups will be spread out between Trumansburg, Lansing, & Ellis Hollow, and cover topics such as finances, being naturally supernatural, being culturally relevant, and the book of 1st John.

So, you should be able to find a group that is close to you, has a topic you are interested in, or, just happens to be where your friends are going to be!

You can find more information about our kinship groups, and sign up for one here. If you have any questions about the groups, contact our church office, or stop by the info table at the church this Sunday!