Weird…the Cornell basketball team is seeded 14 in their bracket…not only are they in the NCAA, they are not seeded 16th!

The Cornell Men’s hockey team is still fighting for the ECAC tournament championship.

And the Cornell wrestling team is #2 in the nation…not #2 in the Ivy’s…the nation! In fact this weekend they’ll be wresting for the national championship!   Even cooler is that a number of the team members regularly attend the Vineyard on Sunday, & are part of one of our small groups.  Last week I posted about an event we’ll be co-sponsoring on April 5th.  It should be a great event & we’ll have more information here as things get closer.

In the meantime, though I’d link to a couple of articles about the team that also feature one of the guys (Jordan Leen) who attends the Vineyard.

Wall Street Journal

Lighthouse Wrestling