With the fall quickly approaching, there are a bunch of loops that need to be closed before September gets here…& for some reason they all seem to be coming due this week.

Our annual business meeting is this weekend.

So is our leadership team retreat.

The Willow Creek Leadership Conference is Thursday & Friday (we’re going to the Syracuse location).

Stuff for our direct mailer was due this week.

And, oh yeah, I’m speaking on Sunday.

So even though it is only Wednesday, I’ve got in close to about 40 hours so far this week…but things are actually falling into place pretty well…the stuff for the business meeting is mostly ready…my message is mostly done.  The mailer is set.  And tonight I’m heading out to the Hangar Theatre with Liz to see Playboys of the Western World. (something Irish)

And then tomorrow a few of us will head up to Syracuse for the conference…(& doing some work on my computer while Moses drives:-)