So over the past month I have been dealing with some guilt.  It has officially been over a month since I last wrote something here.  September & October were both a bit crazy…I ended up not reading very much, not blogging at all, and simply getting buried with stuff.

The past couple of weeks have started getting a bit better, and every once in a while I would think, “you haven’t blogged in a while.”  You know when someone does something for you, or gives you a gift, and you forget to say thanks…and eventually you remember, but it is now late enough where a thank you would be kind of awkward, so you try and figure out how best to say thanks…but enough time passes, where you end up doing nothing, because it would simply be embarrassing to do anything at this point…well that was what this blog was doing to me.

The longer I waited to write, the more interesting I thought the blog would need to be.  So rather than write something, I eventually just removed the link from our web site!  How’s that for creative thinking! (it is back up:-)  So I just figured, my blogging days were over.  I mean who even reads this thing?  (mom?)

And then Sunday I get an email from someone telling me that she & her husband were looking at a book I had recommended on the site.  Which meant that someone has actually seen the extent of my extreme laziness when it comes to this thing.

So I thought I’d take just a minute & update you on some of what has been going on:

Family Stuff:
– One of my daughters was attacked by another student 2 weeks ago.  She did not suffer any injuries but will be getting an order of protection. (She did get a cell phone, from her overprotective dad, out of the deal, so in her mind, there was a bright side.)

  • Another daughter has just found out that she is going to miss the whole hockey season with a hamstring injury.  But, she’ll be back next year better than ever!
  • On a positive note, Liz & I will celebrate our 18th anniversary this month!

Church stuff:

  • The Building…still waiting on our building permit…see, somethings are just like they were last time I wrote!
  • We are hoping to hire a new pastor next spring.  I’ll post more about that tomorrow.

There, the first one is out of the way!