Along the Liffey River

Over the past week, there have been headlines regarding Ireland’s ranking in the world or the EU. Some of it is good news…some of it—not so good.

Here are the three big stories in the order they appeared over the past few weeks.

First, the good news…

1. Ireland ranked 11th most competitive economy in the world & third in the Eurozone

Here is the link from RTÉ

2. Ireland ranked 3rd most peaceful country in the world

Here is the link from RTÉ

And now, the not-so-good news.

3. Ireland is tied for the most expensive place to live in the EU for everyday expenses.

And finally, here is the link from the Irish Examiner.

The article above notes that compared to the rest of the EU, Ireland is:

  • 88.5% higher for housing;
  • 88% higher for utility bills like electricity and gas;
  • 46.5% higher for the likes of broadband and mobile phones costs;

So, yeah. Ouch. Wondering about petrol (gas) prices, we are paying around $8.20/gallon.

edit: changed to “Three” stories from Four.