I don’t like cats.  I especially don’t like cats who use my carpet rather than their litter box.

However, I don’t like carpet either.  One of the most exciting thing when we bought our current house were the hardwood floors.  They had been covered up for years with (ugh) shag carpet, so as we have started pulling up the rugs, we’ve been amazed at how beautiful the floors are.

Until this weekend.  Other than the back stairs, we had one carpet left in the house.  And one of our two cats (there is a famly debate over who is actually the guilty party), decided that it had better use this last carpet before they were all gone.

So, we ripped up the wet spot, so we could try & treat the wood (too late), and left the rest to take out later.  We pulled the corner up, and once again saw nice floor boards…after about 3 feet of carpet was pulled up, we saw more nice floor boards, only they didn’t match…It looked like there had been a problem previously, and they just did a really bad patch up job…I was bummed, Liz and Brenna were sad & my two future interior designers were horrified.

So last night I start pulling up the rest of the carpet, all the while trying to figure out how we are going to cover all of the bad spots up…What we quickly learned was that our first judgement was way off.  The floor had not been patched up…there is actually a design in the floor…and it was unanimously decided that this is the nicest floor in the whole house.

So we see a part of the picture, & we think things are terrible…see the whole thing & realize, wow, were we ever wrong.  Like I said, I think there may be a lesson in there.