Méábh a bit afraid of a Guinea Pig @ the Mount Temple Autumn Fair

I am in the process of writing our October newsletter and I’m running into a bit of a problem. Let me explain.

When we first arrived there was a lot going on…I had a ton of stuff to write about, and a lot to pray for.

When we begin planting a church 11-18 months down the road,  we’ll again have all kinds of stuff to talk about.

However we are in that “not very exciting, but extremely essential” part of our transition to Ireland. The part where we really work on settling in to life here in Dublin.

Let’s face it, “Today I met with a salesman for the gas company and signed a 15 month contract for our natural gas,” isn’t exciting to anybody.  (I almost dozed off writing it).

So I’d love so feedback from you. What type of info you would find helpful/interesting to learn? There is obviously a lot going on, I’m just not sure whether it’d be interesting or not.

Plus there’s the added issue that I have to get permission from my daughters before I write anything that has to do with them. (I don’t get Liz’s permission, but she proofreads it normally and has full veto rights).

So here’s my favour…would you send me an email, or put a note in the comment section letting me know the type of stuff you’d find interesting?


(in the meantime, if you haven’t signed up for our monthly enewsletter yet, please do that here.)