BuriedIt amazes me how quickly my “free” time fills up.  This week was supposed to have lots of time for me to catch up on a few projects and even get a head start on a few others…but free time has a habit of evaporating…Did you know Monday was a holiday?  I had a great day with Liz & the kids taking a day trip to Oswego, but there is 20% of my catch up time gone.  Of course, after two months of waiting, the bank is finally ready to close on our mortgage refinancing…knock a big chunk out of Thursday morning.  Tonight, one kid is in a choir concert the other is in the Ithaca Fest Parade (no, she is not in the chainsaw marching band). Now, it is all good stuff that I want to be in on, but my “catch up week,” has been a bit crazier than anticipated.

So this morning, I get home from the meeting at the bank and just stared at all of the open windows on my computer screen…each one seemingly representing a major project that, “MUST BE DONE NOW!”  So I, mustering all of the time management skills I have, quickly prioritized all of my projects, got rid of things I don’t need to do and then got to it…Well actually, I stared at the screen for about 5 minutes until a phone call snapped me out of it.

After the call, I got to work knocking off my projects.  I moved into the other room, printed some stuff for Sunday, spent an hour or so doing email, and getting ready for a church council meeting, and then was just about to get into my next project when it hit me…there are things that I enjoy doing, or just really want to do, but when I find myself in “overwhelmed/crazy mode”, they get pushed to the side.  Things like riding my bike, reading, or the one that really gets pushed back the most, writing.

Now, while I’m excited about each of the projects I am working on, they tend to take a lot of my energy, so that once they are done, so am I.  When I bike, read, write, etc., I get this great burst of energy.  But somehow I convince myself that these things simply aren’t as important as all these piles of stuff over here.

But I’m making a commitment to myself to make sure I spend a portion of my workday doing some of this stuff that I really enjoy doing.  And if you don’t see another blog post tomorrow, you’ll know that I’ve started to slip back into my status quo mode, so feel free to send me an email and tell me to snap out of it.