Shortly after we moved to Dublin, we discover Culture Night. It is a night when venues all across the city open their doors for people to come in, walk around and maybe get a tour. I can’t remember them all, but we have gotten to the Custom House, Dublin Castle, IFI (Irish Film Institute), City Hall, Teeling Distillery, several churches, and a ton of other places and events!

As you might imagine, with COVID, much of this has been moved online. So, I thought I share a couple of links so that even from the States, you could experience some Dublin Culture online.

Here are two specific events. We have been to both (the Book of Kells many times).

Finally, here is a link to a guide with a number of options. Although not all in person.

Hopefully, you can find something you enjoy! If you do end up watching something drop me a note. I love to hear what you thought!

photo credit: featured photo is one I took at Culture Night 2013.