There is a sign up at the mall (or was recently) that say, “the Vineyard is moving to it’s new home in November on 23 Cinema Dr.”  I guess we didn’t actually clarify, which November we were talking about.  (how does that saying go, “you laugh to keep from crying”:-)

Here are a couple of facts.

1) we are still planning on moving into our own place.

2) this has been on many levels one of the most frustrating things we have dealt with as a church.

Last April when we first talked about looking for a place, it was amazing how things fell into place.  People pledged money towards the project…a great location opened up & things looked great.  Well, they are still looking great…it has simply been a challenge getting from there to here (let alone to actually holding services in the place.)

We have had to get the zoning changed so that a church could meet in this location…we have had to figure out parking issues…and the hvac system (I think dealing with the crisis in the Northern Ireland was only slightly more difficult than resolving the hvac stuff).

So where are we?  Well, we think we will have a building permit by the end of the month.  I know we said that last fall as well, but we have begun working with a local architect and engineering firm, and thing seem to be going in a good direction.  So with all of that, the build out should start in full force in April.

That is the good news.

The not so good news is that we will need to begin paying rent on the new place, (just over $6000/month) despite the fact that we are not able to hold service there.  And at the same time, we’ll need to continue paying rent at the school.  (We will be moving out of the office at the end of this month, so that will save us some money.)

On the one hand, the current economy is not the best time to add $6000 to your monthly budget.  However, we still believe that God was leading us here, and the he will provide.

So, all of that to say, please be praying.

1) pray that the building permits come through with no problem.

2) pray that the build out (both our part and the landlords goes ahead of schedule & under budget)

3) pray that God would provide the additional resources we need to cover all of the expenses we need!

I’m looking forward to some Sunday in June sitting in our new place with all of you & celebrating all of the good things that God is doing in our church & our community!