Last summer while we were on our sabbatic, Liz, the girls & I were visiting churches in Northern Ireland.  On our last Sunday there we went to the Causeway Coast Vineyard, and while we were there, the pastor, Alan Scott was talking about something called Healing on the Streets.  Basically, they went out into their community on a Saturday afternoon and offered to pray for anyone who would like physical healing.

That got my brain spinning…we pray for people every Sunday after our service to be healed.  And we have seen God do some great things in that area. Of course, in order to get prayed for, you’d actually have to come to church. While we’ve given away free coffee for years down at the commons, the idea of praying for the sick right in the middle of Ithaca was exciting (okay, and a little scary too.)

As I shared this idea with some of the people on our prayer team and in leadership, a bunch of people fell in love with the idea and in May we got started. So since mid-May, we have gone down to the commons every other week to pray for people…except for this past weekend, when we headed to Grassroots instead!

As we were first talking about getting Healing in the Streets started here in Ithaca, someone mentioned that Grassroots (which if you don’t know, is a large, well-known music festival in Trumansburg) has a healing arts fair as part of their activities. We applied, and we were given a 3-hour time slot on Saturday afternoon.

So 5 of us headed down to Grassroots on Saturday and set up shop. Doing something like this in a setting like this, we had no idea what to expect, and while we thought of some things we could do to improve next year, overall it was great!  Overall we were able to pray for 7 people (including one of the other people who was part of the healing arts fair.)

I won’t share every story, but I did want to share a couple.  (Mike Foster, who lead the event on Saturday wrote these up):

Rudy: Rudy had intestinal pain, as well history of cancer in the family and he has experienced a lot of fear about that.  He said after prayer that he felt amazing. The pain in his intestines was gone immediately, and the fear was gone too.  He said that he didn’t want to open his eyes because he saw a light that felt wonderful like nothing he had ever felt before.

Chris: Chris suffers from total body/joint inflammation. After prayer she said the long term issues were still present but she felt immediate relief of pain from the short term aspects.

Just as we were packing up to end our day, two teen age girls came up and asked if they could join us.  The younger of the two sisters had Cystic Fibrosis ( a lung disease). While praying for her, and commanding the disease to leave she began to cough a lot.  She said she did not want to stop because she felt really good as she coughed, and she couldn’t suppress the need to cough.  After prayer she said after ward that she felt something working inside of her.

Next year at Grassroots, we are hoping to have team members there for the entire festival! If you’d like to be involved with Healing on the Streets, let me know.