Tomorrow morning I get on a plane and fly to Austin, TX. I’ll be there for less than 48 hours before heading down closer to San Antonio for a conference with Communitas Leaders. It is a bit weird because church planting in Dublin is my main work (& passion), but the marketing director position has me in an organisational leadership role.

While in Austin, there is a church I’m planning to visit, Austin Mustard Seed. My hotel is about an hour walk, which is not a problem, but Ireland is playing their next Six Nations match (Rugby) at 10 am Sunday. Sacrifices.

I don’t really enjoy travelling to things like this on my own. I’m a bit of a homebody. And there is the additional stress that events like this can often be torture for introverts. Especially if they are led by extroverts who think introverts need to be more like them. Hopefully, this one is not…but I would appreciate prayer going into the week regardless:)

True story. I was at a conference here in Dublin a few years ago. During one of the breakout sessions, the woman speaking said, “We are going to have introvert time. Take 10 minutes and think about what God is saying to you about what you just heard.” It was great! Then…”now it is extrovert time. Find someone you don’t know and tell them what God is saying to you.”

Needless to say, I found an introverted friend and we chatted about something completed unrelated.

Our friends Wallace and Dee are flying back to Alabama today (Friday) to be with Wallace’s mom. Wallace and Dee are partnering with us to church plant here in Dublin. Wallace’s mom has cancer and was recently put in hospice. As you can imagine dealing with this from a distance is difficult…but at the same time taking months away from work (and your salary) is challenging as well. They will be in the States until March 18. Please pray for them.

Our mortgage is still in process
We received an email from one mortgage officer apologising for how long it is taking, but assuring us she will do what she can. Another asked us into her office so she could try to make sense of how we are paid. The meeting ended with here requesting several more documents and asking to speak to our accountant.

The challenge is looking at some of the house we like moving off the market and seeing the ones coming on recently being overpriced and in rough shape. We are a bit less positive than we were a week ago. However, we are trying to receive even this delay as a gift from God.

That’s about it from Dublin. I’ll see you in Austin!