As some of you know, our church is part of a group of Vineyard churches that are involved in planting Vineyards down in the Dominican Republic.  Three pastors from our partnership have headed down to the DR, to connect with the churches down there, and have gone into Haiti as well.  Over the next several days we’ll be updating you on what they learn.

The following email is from Jan Strout in Lewiston Maine.  Jan’s husband Phil is the Regional overseer of the Eastern Region Vineyards.  He is also the pastor of the Vineyard in Lewiston & is one of the pastors down in the DR.

Jan Strout (Lewiston, Maine)  wrote with an update on Phil Strout, Allen Austin,  John Elmer and Teodoro:

“Tuesday, we were able to speak with the team in the Dominican Republic. Phil, Allen John and Teodoro were able to go across the border into Haiti.


Allen sent the following message:

“We just connected with a church in Jimani that is housing people coming out of surgery in the hospital here. They are having dressings cleaned, minor surgeries and then being taken from here when stable, probably back to Haiti. There are American doctors here who just came over and checked in with hospital and were sent here, very overwhelming… the need is great.”

Please continue to pray as we need to think and plan in terms of “marathon”. (3 months, 6months,9 months, 3 years, 5 years.) Pray for wisdom.

Thank you for continuing to lift them up in your prayers.