I’m really not sure what to do with this.  I received an email today telling me that @almightygod is following my tweets.  That was pretty exciting.  I mean who am I that @almightygod would care about what I have to say?

But then as I read a bit more, my excitement changed to a bit of sadness.

As I was looking over some of the info in the email, I saw a few things that were pretty troubling…@almightygod only has 17,244 followers.  I’m not sure if that is the total number, like are there only 17,244 for all time?  Or, 17,244 that are currently alive?  As people die is the list updated?   So, there were some theological questions I’ve had to wrestle with.

That’s when I got the really bad news…see for yourself:

I was having a pretty good day up until I got that.  And I mean is that how you’d like to find out that you are not following @almightygod?  Couldn’t I get some Old Testament-looking prophet to come in and yell at me or something…This is kind of anti-climactic, don’t you think? I’m trying to picture the conversation;

Angel: “So you want to inform @bob__wilson that he is not following you?  how do you want to do this; an angelic messenger?  A dream?  A prophet?”

@almightygod:  “Nah, just send him an email.”

Angel: “what if it ends up in his spam folder?”

@almightygod:  “Not my problem.”

After the pronouncement that I am not following @almightygod, did you notice the very next thing?  Next Steps!  How awesome is that!  I might not be following @almightygod yet, but we’re on the same page when it comes to having next steps!

And it was great that there was a link so that I could check out @almightygod‘s profile page to learn more about him.  And the ability to send direct messages…very cool.

So the debate is, do I choose to follow @almightygod, or not?  What impact would that have in my life? (at least my life in the twitter-verse).

One thing I’m pretty sure I won’t do however, is click on the link to report almightygod for spam.  I don’t think I’d enjoy having to explain that one later on.