There are a couple social media things I’m happy to say I’ve never done.

I have never liked something on Facebook that tried to manipulate you into liking it. (“Please like this if you love Jesus.” )

The other thing I’ve never done is ask people to retweet something I posted on Twitter. (Perhaps that flows from my fear that if I asked nobody would & I’d feel sad.)

I’m not saying I’ve never done anything stupid on Twitter, or Facebook, just not those.

There are also things on various social media sites that I should have done, but haven’t. Or haven’t to the degree I should have. One thing that I’m trying to work on at this point is growing the number of Twitter followers I have. (Even if you are not currently on Twitter and your eyes just started to glaze over, please stick with me…)

When I first got involved in Twitter a lot of people were using programs where if someone followed you, your account automatically followed them. So, you could just follow a lot of people, get followed back automatically & grow your numbers.

The downside of that is that I would go on some Christian leaders’ pages and see that they were following sites that were basically pornographic. Again, it wasn’t that they were doing it intentionally (at least I’m hoping not:-) but these programs tied to their Twitter accounts were.

I took the opposite approach. If I saw someone who was “questionable” (from pornographic to someone selling some product), I would block them from following me. While there is all types of garbage easily accessible on the interwebs, I didn’t want someone going to a section that I had control over and finding stuff like that. Needless to say, while many accounts were growing rapidly, mine grew a bit more slowly.

Well, over the past few months I’ve been working on increasing the number of followers on Twitter. (I am still blocking the porn though).

On the one hand I want to make more people aware of what we are doing here in Dublin, on the other, after reading Michael Hyatt’s book Platform last spring, there are simply so many good reasons to build up Twitter followers and engage with them.

Another issue is, as I’ve mentioned on occasion, is that I really don’t like Facebook, and although I’ve tried to use it more as we first moved over to Ireland to keep people up-to-date, I’ve decided to scale back there. I’ve simply found Twitter to work better for me.

Now my hope is, that those of you who read the blog regularly find some value in it. (Perhaps you’d even consider telling your friends about it.) If so, here is what I’m asking you to do.

If you are not following me on Twitter, would you consider doing that now? Simply go to my profile page, and click on the follow button. Perhaps you’ve got an old account that you set up, Tweeted once & then never used again. If you’d log in for old-time sake and follow me, it’d be appreciated.

Also, if you see any value here on the blog, or on Twitter, would you consider asking your followers to follow me….(if they do I’ll follow them back)

For those of you not on Twitter:

If you are not on Twitter, those last few paragraphs may have sounded a bit confusing. But I still wanted to ask you to do something for me on Twitter.

1) Read the Beginner’s Guide to Twitter over on Michael Hyatt’s blog.

2) Sign up for a Twitter Account

3) Go to my profile page, and click on the follow button

4) Follow some other people, try Twitter for a week & see how it goes.

That’s it.

For those of you who’ve stuck through the whole post, thanks…looking forward to connecting in the Twitter-verse.