iStock_000010175968XSmallI read an article this morning by Colin Woodward which breaks down the US/Canada/Mexico into 11 different nations and examines their views on violence, education, religion, government, etc. Having spent my whole life in the region Woodward calls “Yankeedom,” I found his thesis fascinating.

One of the things we are asked a lot is about how we find life in Dublin after spending our whole lives in NY (Liz did have her first 5 in San Francisco). And the fact is, while there has been some cultural adjustment, we have felt right at home from the start.

In fact, I’m quite convinced that we would have had a much more difficult transition had we moved to the deep south or Appalachia.

When we were pastoring the church in Ithaca, I had a person want to interview me about “southern-style” evangelicalism that was thriving in the Northeast. I wrote back to inform him that while we were thriving, we were not in any way southern-style…we were likely a bit more “left-coast” than anything else.

A lot to think about…

I’d love to hear what you think after reading Woodward’s article.

Do you fit in the “nation” where you currently live? Where would be the best fit for you?