So one of my goals for vacation this year was to try & experience what it’s like to be a first time guest at a church.  Not just someone looking for one church among many, but Liz & I wanted to see what I felt like to walk into a church for the first time & have no idea what to expect…So we were going to go to an Orthodox church.  Although we both grew up Catholic, neither of us had any idea what to expect.  This seemed to be the closest we could come to understanding what it is like for someone with no church background when they walk into the Vineyard for the first time.

Well, that was the plan…so last night, I go online trying to determine what time the service starts (sadly not an easy thing to do on many church web sites).  I went through several pages where I finally found a note that there would be no service on July 6th.  Although this made my kids really happy (“Dad, please, can we go to the Vineyard & you & mom can go to the other church?”), it meant the search was on for where to go.

Our search was made a bit more difficult due to the fact that many churches don’t have web sites.  I actually drove around on Sunday morning before Liz & the kids were up past a few churches so I could see what time their services start.

So we finally found a place…& the people were really friendly.  But we are really looking forward to being back @ the Vineyard this Sunday!