In third grade, we had an end of the year track meet and my event was the third leg of what was referred to as the (politically incorrect) slow relay. When I took the baton, I got a fast start, but within 5 seconds I was face-down on the track. I can still see some remnants of the track in my left arm.

Today feels a bit like that.

Earlier this week, Elizabeth found someone how would advance us the money for closing on the house since it is looking more and more like our check from the States may not be here for months. So, that‘s great news. We finally began contacting movers, giving our notice here, and transferring our various services to the new place.

Yesterday we received word that this may not be sufficient for our mortgage company. Even though they understand that it is a short-term loan, they aren’t sure they will go forward with the mortgage, because we are taking a second loan. This has been quite the adventure.

Hopefully, today brings better news. We’ll keep you up-to-date.

PS: Our current password system is giving some of you problems. If you can generally log in to this site with no issue, could you drop be a quick note and let me know? Thanks!

the photo above is Méabh trying wall climbing for the first time at a friends birthday party. she loved it!