Dublin at Dusk

by bob

Nov 14, 2021

What about Bob?


I grew up in Western New York and have started and led missional church planting efforts for a little over 30 years. As you might gather, I have opinions about the church, and I share some of them here.

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Gola Island – Donegal Day 6
Gola Island – Donegal Day 6

While Malin Head was a place I have wanted to visit for a while, I don't recall hearing about Gola Island. Yesterday, we drove to the ferry, took the 10-minute ride out to the island and while I was expecting a nice stroll, the scenery was incredible. Here are some of...

Biking in Glenveagh National Park – Donegal Day 4
Biking in Glenveagh National Park – Donegal Day 4

This post got pushed back a bit due to all of the craziness in Malin Head yesterday. There aren't many photos from this day...biking isn't all that conducive to picture taking. And although Liz and I visited the castle a couple of years ago, it is currently closed due...

An Old Church – Donegal Day 3
An Old Church – Donegal Day 3

Yesterday was rainy, windy, and cold. We went out to do some sightseeing but we didn't last very long. Below are a few of the photos I took. The view from the road. We actually stopped here a couple of years ago.Dunlewey Church of Ireland the front of the churchthe...

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