Today while I was reading the bible, a passage jumped off the page (actually, it jumped off the screen). It has stuck with me for the past couple of hours.

Psalm 37 was written by King David and deals with issues such as jealousy, revenge, and anger. It was the second half of verse 8 that has been a family talking point.

do not fret—it leads only to evil.


Worry is a path that does not have several possible outcomes according to this passage. It has one…evil. The verse does not say, this might end badly for you…it will end badly.

So I’ve been thinking about various results of worry…(not even getting into the proven health impacts of worry).

  • When I fret, I make my problem bigger than God.
  • When I fret, I become stingy and self-obsessed. I am not generous.
  • When I fret, I try to control the situation.

You can probably think of a tonne of examples.

But what they all have in common is that worry causes us to cease trusting God. It convinces us that the best thing for our current status is me taking over for God.

Just what I’ve been thinking about today.

What could you do today besides worry?