20131121-114147.jpgLast week Liz and I began something we’d talked about for a while but had a difficult time getting started. While I am still looking for a job in Dublin, and we are still putting time and effort into fund-raising, the fact is our schedule has some flexibility. On top of that we are newcomers in a city with a lot to explore.

So we decided we’d try to set aside one day a week to explore a part of Dublin together (kind of a ‘date day with Méabh in tow). We tried to start two weeks ago, but instead had a house full of sick kids and one in the hospital.

We were finally able to pull it off last week and headed to the Liberties section of Dublin. The picture above is from John’s Lane Church which was one of our stops along the way. We didn’t have a plan. Basically, we walked around until we saw something that looked interesting and stopped in. We’re getting a bit of a late start today (Liz went out last night to play in a session in Clontarf), but we’ll be heading out soon. Not sure which part of Dublin we’re off to today, but looking forward to exploring a new part of our city!

If you had a day in Dublin, where would you go? If you had a day in your city/town, where would you head?

Do you ever fill your schedule with ‘busy work’ and fail to take advantage of important opportunities?