Stuffed File CabinetThis fall has been full of transition:

  • After spending 6 months being “office-less” we’ve moved into the new place
  • We have had some of our leaders switching from leading one ministry to another.  In each case taking on a large leadership role in the church.
  • And Ithaca being Ithaca, people moving in and out of the area keeps transition on of life’s constants.

If you’ve been to our new place and hung out in the cafe at all, you’ve noticed “the pile.”  The pile, is basically made up of some stuff that we’ll need eventually; some stuff that we needed at one point, don’t anymore, but haven’t taken the time to sort through and stick in the dumpsters; and finally, stuff that someone gave us, which we’ve never really had a use for, but we’ve moved with us every time we’ve moved.

If you stand with your back to the pile, and look out at the nice oak tables & chairs (stuff we picked up at one of the Cornell dining halls way back in 1999 & have had in storage most of the past 8 years), the cafe looks, a bit unfinished, but really nice.  However, get a glimpse of “the pile,” and the sense of dread that says, “here is this huge, unfinished task that still sits in front of you…”  We could just stick it in a storage closet, and while it might be out of sight, it won’t quite be out of mind.

I’ve been dealing with similar issues on a personal level.  There have been boxes of “stuff” in my office.  Boxes of software 3 versions ago, that we’ll never need again.  Teaching tapes on cassette.  I mean even though I have a cassette player in my car, am I ever going to listen to one of them again?  Most are of other people, but one is of me speaking at the Syracuse Vineyard in 1998.  What are the chances that ever gets listened to again?

On Wednesday before heading out of town for Thanksgiving…I emptied out 2 of the 3 boxes in my office…filed some stuff, threw some in the trash (i kept my 1998 sermon on cassette though…hey, you never know).

Yesterday, while relaxing at my parents’ house, I actually went through a manila folder that has been in my backpack for almost 2 years…stuff I want to go through, but…well, I’ve been carrying it around for 2 years.  But yesterday I took the time to “digitize” all of it (except my list of goals…I still like them on paper).  I stuck everything in various notebooks in Evernote, (an organizational program I’m liking more every day) and got rid of a lot of paper I’ve been carrying around.

When I sat down to type entry, this wasn’t what I’d planned to write about.  I wanted to talk about some stuff we have planned at the church for December; I wanted to talk about some of our plans to celebrate our Grand Opening/Anniversary in February; I wanted to write about some books I’ve been reading, and I wanted to write about some self-assessment projects we’ve been going through with our leaders at church.

Here’s the thing…over the past couple of months, I have blogged/twittered rarely..I’ve had a hard time thinking of things…but as I’ve started getting some of the “clutter” out of my head, ideas are popping up and I actually have the energy/time to start dealing with them.

I still have more “clutter” to work on, but I’m liking the results so far.  How about you?  Any parts of your life that could use an organizer or a dumpster?