christmas_storyWhen I was a kid, my brother and I agreed on nothing…He was a Steelers fan.  I loved the Cowboys.  He loved the Yankees.  I was obsessed with the Red Sox

(Sidebar: since there weren’t too many game on tv, & we didn’t have cable tv, I would ask my grandparents if I could stay over night whenever the Sox were playing the Yankees because they had cable & got the Yankee games.  I’m sure they figured that out, but I thought I was pretty clever as a kid.)

However, one thing we could agree on, A Christmas Story was the best Christmas movie.  And once again this year, I will subject my entire family to watching it with me.

Why is it the best Christmas Movie?  A kid getting his tongue stuck to a pole…you’ll shoot your eye out…the bunny suit…and of course the lamp!

So, do you agree?  Or do you have another favorite?  And if so, why do you love it?