Back in 2008, I started a blog at while I was pastoring a church in Ithaca, NY. Around 2012, the focus shifted more to our family’s journey from Ithaca to Ireland.

Shortly after moving to Dublin, we set up and stopped using my original blog. Around a year ago I set up thinking that I could share certain ideas there, and others over on the wilsons in dublin site. It hasn’t worked.

In fact, rather than producing more content, I had more struggles than ever writing this past year. And while I’m not saying that the change I’m describing will fix all that, but I’m hoping it is at least a step in the right direction.

Anyways, here’s what I did. I have redirected and so that they point to I have also imported all of the blog posts from the other two sites into this one (which was easier than I imagined).

So if you’re looking for something from one of the old bobwilson sites, you’ll likely find them over here.

There is a lot of housekeeping I’ll need to be doing over the next few weeks to get everything looking right, and getting rid of some of the extra stuff that no longer serves a purpose. If you have suggestions for anything you’d like to see here, please drop me a note.

I hope that makes sense. I think it does for me.