I love to read. Other than our faith, & love for our kids, loving to read is probably the biggest thing we have in common. Recently we’ve been doing some self-assessment stuff with some of the leaders in our church. We’ve each taken the Strengthsfinder 2.0 [affiliate link] assessment, and not surprisingly Learner came up as a top 5 strength for both of us.  We actually took another, self assessment that not only shows your top 12 strengths (#1 for me was studious)…this second test actually lists all 31 themes (as they have them broken down).  I’m sure it will be surprising to many of you that #30 out of 31 on my list was “charm!”

All that to say I love reading (& I lack charm).  But as the move got a bit crazier & the fall go rolling, I started getting a bit lazy.  I could read a book, or watch a video.  For a couple of months, videos were winning on a regular basis. At the start of 2008, I set a goal that I would read, on average a book/week.  I made it for 2008, but I’m a bit behind for 2009

So, in addition to trying to keep up with writing here on a regular basis, I’ve also been trying to be a bit more disciplined with reading.