In last week’s newsletter, we asked you to be praying about our car. Here’s the update.

When we first moved here, a friend recommended a mechanic. He has been great and we trust him. The problem is to get from Clarehall to his shop in Glenageary is 45 minutes by car and about 90 minutes by public transport (which includes about 35 minutes of walking).

Now, we also have a mechanic up where we live. They have changed tyres, oil, etc, but not too much beyond that.

This summer the local mechanic told us our car was burning oil (it wasn’t). He told us we needed work done to our emissions system (which we knew). He told us there was a problem with the suspension. He warned us that we should consider whether it was worth sinking this kind of money into the car (which is now 12 years old).

So when Liz and I went to the NCT (auto inspection) we were tossing around numbers…€500? €800? €1000? How much are we willing to put into it? When does it make more sense to get a loan and get something newer?

Last year we failed the NCT. In fact, we got a sticker put on our car that read “DANGEROUS”. We weren’t allowed to drive it at all, and had to have it towed to our local mechanic. He fixed the DANGEROUS tyre and they we drove it to the good mechanic.

This year, expecting the worst…we drove to the inspection centre near the far-away mechanic so if it needed to be towed, it wouldn’t be that far. We were definitely expecting the worst.

When our inspection was called over, we were called to the desk and told we failed. No shock. But we failed because of the exhaust, and a headlight. And that was it!

Liz and I glanced at each other tying not to start celebrating in front of the inspector.

Our mechanic kept the car a few day and repaired the part that failed the emissions test and we got out with only €303! I’m typing this near the NCT centre as I now have to go and have the systems that failed, reinspected. So, if there are no more updates, everything went well, and we are good until next year!

Thank you for your prayers.

(The photo above is one Erin took while we were on a family trip to Donegal last autumn.)