I just realized that my last blog post noted that we are 21 hours away from our inspection.  Oops.  In case you were wondering we passed!  We have a certificate of occupancy and we are mostly moved in.

So we are in!  We have been holding Sunday services here for the past 3 Sundays, & slowly but surely, we are getting everything moved in.  With the new building, not only is it great to have a permanent place to worship on Sundays, but probably even more enjoyable for me is having an office that is not in my bedroom!

photoWhile not having an office for the past 6 months wasn’t quite as bad as what I imagined it would be, it did make life quite a bit more difficult & extremely unorganized.  When your tickler file and your underwear drawer are less than 2 feet apart…life is just weird.

With all of great things about moving into the new place…I have to admit, my favorite is that we finally have a place to hook up our Espresso machine.  When I would mention to people in the past that our church had an amazing espresso machine, they would all look at me with that, “oh, that’s very cute,” look because they assumed we had some little home machine…thanks to a very generous family from about 9 years ago, we have a real Astoria!   It isn’t hooked up quite yet, but pretty soon.

Although the first week or two in the new place was a little hectic, trying to figure out how things worked & what went where when & stuff like that, it is finally feeling like we’ve got a pretty good grasp on things.  In fact this past Sunday felt almost effortless!  (it probably helped that we had a lot of people helping out).

Well, this post is probably a bit more rambling than I’d like, but I wanted to get down a few thoughts, just to keep you all up to date with how things are going.

More soon.