Building Project – What We Are Doing (part 1)

Yesterday I wrote a bit about the next phase of our building project. However, clearly it's one thing to say, "we are trying to raise $60,000." It is another to say, "Here is what we are trying to do, & why we think this matters."

by bob

Jun 11, 2010

Yesterday I wrote a bit about the next phase of our building project.  However, clearly it’s one thing to say, “we are trying to raise $60,000.”  It is another to say, “Here is what we are trying to do, & why we think this matters.”

So today and tomorrow, I wanted to share some of the specific things we are hoping to accomplish in the building over the next 6 months.

*Quick Note: There are many parts of the building that look great…the purpose of the pictures I’ve included here is to show the areas where we still have work to do.

Look at the picture above…Imagine being a kid and mom & dad are bringing you to church for the first time.  You likely don’t know any of the kids…You don’t know what to expect.  You get to the check in table, and are then led to a room, where the door is opened, you see this.  Doesn’t that just scream, “FUN!” Okay, not likely.

One of the great things we have going for our church is an amazing bunch of teachers, workers and leaders in the Vineyard Kids’ ministry.  I think this group is really some of the heroes of our church!

All that to say, the number one goal for this next phase in the building project is getting our kid’s ministry transformed into a place where the facilities are such that as soon as a kid walks in their eyes light up!  We believe that if the kids are excited to be there, not only will that help the kids be able to get more out of the class, but it will lower mom & dad’s apprehension about leaving the kids in a strange place, which means they will be far more free to participate in the worship service.

So, we want to get some kid appropriate furniture, as well as other stuff that will make the kids area the place to be (I’ve heard there might even be a wii…of course that means it might be harder to actually get the dads into the worship area)…There likely will be more kid-friendly colors.

Kid’s Check-in

The other upgrade we want to make in the kids area is the check-in.  We are planning to upgrade the check-in system, as well as the check-in area, with the goal of making it more efficient, but even more importantly, making it as safe as possible.  While we currently have strict requirements for anyone working with our children (every person who works with Vineyard Kids, as well as ever leader at the Vineyard submits to a criminal background check) we are upgrading to a system that will allow us to increase the level of safety even more!

Next Up…the Cafe…

What about Bob?


I grew up in Western New York and have started and led missional church planting efforts for a little over 30 years. As you might gather, I have opinions about the church, and I share some of them here.

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