I’ve said it before, but the cafe is still my favorite part of the building.  We already hosted a few dinners there, a super bowl party and even a wedding reception!

Plus finally having a place to put our awesome oak tables and chairs is a great plus.

Now, while the cafe has been a great place for people to hang out and connect after church, we have a lot of other things we’d like to see happening here as well.

Now, the area in the picture above still needs a bit of work.  The main issue is that we are looking for a large bar to put up here, and once we have that, the rest of this area will take shape.  We actually have some money set aside to work on this section of the building, and we’ve been looking around for a bar that we could purchase and bring in over here.  We thought we finally had one a couple weeks ago, but turns out it was actually cemented into the floor.

Also, it looks like we will be getting out new coffee maker next weeks thanks to a generous donation recently!  This new one will have water running directly into it. Currently we have to pour the water in, & wait for it to heat up, which means it take the cafe team a lot longer to make coffee.  With this new machine we’ll always have plenty of coffee!

Now, those of you who know me know that if it was all about me, we could stop right there!  However, there are a few other things we are looking to do in the building as well.

Family Room
Our big goal for the cafe is to begin using it as a family room during our Sunday worship.  As a church with a lot of young kids, we recognize that often it is difficult for parents to relax and fully participate in the service.  The kids are having a tough time sitting still, or maybe they’re crying.  We want to have the cafe set up so that parents who wish to can sit out there, let the kids play, talk, cry, whatever, and still be able to see & hear everything that is going on.

In order to do this, it means having a tv screen, or a projector & screen in the cafe as well as some type of sound system.  It will also mean we’ll need to get some type of video camera & other equipment so that we can run the video feed to the cafe.

Having had little kids at one point, I remember Liz or I having to take them in and out of the service, and end up missing much of everything that went on.  We think this will be a great service to families with young kids!

Tomorrow Morning: The rest of the space.