Now that Chaim Bloom has been fired, I do feel bad for him. Last night I did a happy dance around the kitchen once I saw the news. By every account, he was a really good person. Of course, my wife is a really good person, but I don’t want her running the Red Sox either. It always seemed that he was in over his head.

And Bloom was not the biggest problem…ownership over the past 12 years (which somehow incredibly includes 2 World Series Titles and 5, going on 6 last place finishes) with their rapidly changing philosophies and multi-sport distractions are.

After thinking that I would never see my team win a World Series, the current ownership has delivered 4 in less than 20 years…but I wish they were heading out the door along with Bloom.

I’m sure Bloom lands on his feet, and I wish him well. I’m just thankful that he is gone, and I can end my Red Sox boycott!