I changed my Facebook status.  It had not been updated in 8 days.  I am actually feeling a bit like a crotchety old man about the whole thing.

No, I don’t want to play scrabble or texas hold ’em or whatever other games there are…and it has nothing to do with the fact that I’m not good in spelling or math.  The thing is, I am actually quite capable of wasting time on my own (I was on the Wii for how long last night? ouch)

Then there is the guilt…not about wasting time…I deal with that regardless of whether or not I have a Facebook account.  I mean when someone from high school for example sends me a friend invitation…I mean, we didn’t really hang out in high school… or say you meet someone at a conference once & by the time you get home, they have invited you to be a friend.  (although I have done that once…but this guy was really cool.)

So here is where the guilt comes in…the stress of choosing between confirm, and ignore.  I mean, I’m sure they don’t get a message, saying Bob has ignored you…but they’re going to figure it out…they must, because they invite you several times. While I’m sure their lives are very exciting, I really don’t want to see pictures of their dog or get an update about what they ate for lunch.  As I said, I am skilled at wasting time…but I would at least like to enjoy myself while I do it.

But, I actually stress about the decision to click “ignore” every time I do it.

So the good stuff of Facebook…I’ve connected with some old friends…and, I think that’s about it.

The bad…time-wasting, guilt-inducing…oh, yeah, it’s making me grouchy too.