Yesterday we celebrated St Patrick’s day with an Irish Movie Marathon. Song of the Sea, Waking Ned Devine, & In Bruges (the latter after Méabh went to bed of course).

Since like many of you we are checking our phones throughout the day to keep up with the latest, we learned that our Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar would be addressing the nation at 9:00 pm. So with 13 minutes left in Ned Devine, we paused the movie and switched over to RTÉ.

It was an impressive speech in many ways. And most of the news only confirmed what we suspected:

  • This is not going to be over soon,
  • Ireland will have many more cases,
  • This is going to have a devastating impact on the economy.

When it was over, we all needed a few minutes to wrap our brains around what we just heard. It was intense. Not artificially intense for political effect, but a clear and vivid explanation of where we are and how we get through this.

Like any country, Ireland’s government has its issues. There is also much that I have been impressed by. The economic recovery post-2008 (we moved here near the very bottom in 2012). Watching the unity of all the political parties here in the face of Brexit was something I found impressive. Last night was another one of those times.

Here is the Irish Times coverage of the speech.
If you’re interested, you can watch it here.`

the image above is of some of Méabh’s holiday decorations.