I tend not to use the phrase “Christian,” all that much…it is not a phrase I use to describe myself or our church.  For many people who are not connected with God, the word “Christian” stirs up some pretty vivid images, as well as some pretty strong emotions…sadly, most of them are not positive.

unchristian, by David Kinnaman & Gabe Lyons, looks at how young people view Christians.  (in case you’re wondering, it isn’t pretty).  In reading this book around the same time I was reading The Fall of the Evangelical Nation, it gave a good view of where things currently are for the church, and how that is playing itself out in the larger culture.

While the picture presented here may not be one we want to see, I think we honestly look at where things are and rest in the fact that God still loves the church, and if we commit ourselves, not to Christianity, but to following Jesus, I think we can see things change!