Earlier this week I shared some of my favourite podcasts. One of them, Jesus Collective posted a discussion with Brian Ross. It is well worth a listen so I wanted to share it here. A couple of highlights noted below.

There is a bunch of great stuff in the podcast…I’ll pull out a couple quotes with timestamps and then just add some other thoughts.

Think of western secularity almost like a religion.

Brian Ross (7:20)

It has values of ultimate meaning. Rituals that one is encouraged to be a part of. A lot of people aren’t Christians because Christianity is boring or irrelevant…many are not Christians because they consider themselves good people…and Christianity is not good

They experienced bad religion…and without thinking about it, they have largely adopted secular values, and are trying to baptise them.

Brian Ross (11:00)

Talking about how bad some churches or Christians does not help people connect with Jesus.

Ross make the point that if you are progressive politically and you engage with Jesus he will change your views. And if you are conservative and engage with Jesus, he will views. A lot of the questions seemed to be does that mean we become moderate? But to get it, I think you’ll need to not see politics on a spectrum. (I had a pretty deep experience of this that I should share sometime.)

One of the key take-aways for me is the responsibility of the church is to build bridges to the good things in our culture and confront the negative things. Some churches are good at building bridges to the good, but don’t confront the negatives…others are always confronting the negative, but don’t build bridges.

Love to hear your thoughts!

[and if you are looking for a Jesus-centred church in Dublin, drop me a note]