Thus Sayeth the Lord….or maybe not

I spent too much of my life in churches where a person could use the phrase “Thus says the Lord,” and whatever followed would often carry the weight of scripture. When I was younger and less mature, I would go to conferences hoping that the person on stage would have a “thus says the Lord,” for me. As I got older and saw a lot of harmful and manipulative things follow those words, I hoped I wouldn’t be noticed.

Day 1 -Soul Care Retreat

We ended the first night looking at Philippians 4. One of my first thoughts was 'think how...

Prepping for Sabbath

One of the biggest adjustments we had to make to begin practising Sabbath was preparing. That has always felt harder than it should have been. Probably because I hate running errands. I’ll drive by a shop, think of something we know we will need at home soon, and decide I don’t feel like stopping. So later, when the thing I need is finally gone, I’ll make the extra trip. It would have been easier to get it before I needed it, but that isn’t how I’ve done things.

Stumbling Over Sabbath

Last week Elizabeth and I began reading the book The Sabbath Experiment, by Rob Muthiah (that is an affiliate link and you can pick up the Kindle Edition for $3.99 currently). We’ve been practicing Sabbath for a few years now, but began to feel like we needed to revisit the purpose of Sabbath, and just as important, how to practice it in a way that is honouring to God, and life-giving to us.

Random Thoughts on a Tuesday

Around mid-May I was asked to share on an upcoming Sunday at the church Liz and I are part of, Icon Community. I was excited to do it, but I stressed about preparing it far more than I should have. And I spent more time on it than I should have.

Hero’s Journey : Jerry and Christy Shannon

Over the past couple of days I’ve written about the hero’s journey. I wrote over here a bit of a summary of that journey , and then here about the cost of making judgements about people who are in the midst of chapter 2.

5 Costly Mistakes of Judging Those Who Suffer

Who sinned, this man or his parents?
You may remember the story. Jesus and his disciples are walking along and see a man who was blind. In fact he had been blind from birth. So they ask Jesus “Whose fault is it that this person is blind?” “Did his parents do something that caused him to be born without sight, or did he, somehow, do something that brought this about?”

Peeking at the Last Page

The Hero’s Journey seems to keep coming up for me lately. Although I’ve been aware of the idea of...