Méabh with less wild animals

Méabh with less wild animals

Over on my blog the other day, I wrote about preparing anecdotes for when you are going to be someplace where you will need to make small talk. So I thought I’d take this opportunity to share our latest story.

Our house in Dublin is a bit bigger than we were expecting an Irish house to be. There are some benefits of that (you can usually find someplace quiet), and some downsides (heating).

Another issue with our house is having a two-year-old. Generally, we keep our ears out for her, but there is that point when everyone, (almost at the same time) realises that we haven’t heard her in a while, and we run to find her and see what she has gotten into.

On Wednesday, Liz was working in the kitchen and was able to hear Méabh in the next room. At one point she realised that what she was hearing Méabh say over and over was, “Birdie, Birdie”. 

So she went out to see what Méabh was doing and noticed her sitting on the stairs looking into our bedroom. Liz went up next to her, looked in our room, and noticed a bird sitting on top of my closet.

Liz tried to get the bird out the bedroom window, but before she could, to quote Méabh, “Birdie fly.” Birdie fly right into the bathroom.

Thankfully, Liz was able to get the window open and the bird went right out. More thankfully, the bird did not leave anything behind but this story.

We still are not sure how it got in. All the upstairs windows are closed. And no doors were opened. Our best guess is the chimney, but we’ll probably never know for sure.